We are delighted to announce, once again, that The Academy has been graded as 'OUTSTANDING' by Ofsted‘


"The Principal, Senior Leaders and Head’s of Departments maintain a culture of excellence where students and staff excel."
"The Academy provides students with exceptionally high-quality professional training."

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The Academy is committed to providing an environment in which its learners can be trained and educated to develop and broaden their skills to their individual highest possible standards. Students are selected for their individuality and the training process is designed to nurture confidence, self-esteem, acknowledgement of personal strengths and the true fulfilment of technical and artistic potential in order that they can confidently demonstrate and respond to the needs of an ever changing and demanding profession. 


Samantha Newton


 "Italia Conti is the leading Performing Arts College institution in the country. The School's reputation has become a global leader and been built up over the hundred years since it was founded.

The college has an outstanding international reputation for providing PerformingArts training to a wide variety of disciplines, enabling our students to become versatile and valuable members of the theatrical profession.

The main characteristic of Italia Conti is the collaborative and interdisciplinary approach we bring to everything we do. This approach, and the vibrant atmosphere of the college, underpins the success of our students and makesfor a superb training environment.

While studying in large universities can sometimes be rather impersonal, as a comparatively small faculty, we strive for, and value, the high levels of contactwe can provide between students and staff.

The role of our college is to help talented students harness their dedication to become communicative triple threat artists, with the pure passion and understanding to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences. " 

Our Values
We strongly value learning and working in an inclusive and ethical environment, respectful of all those with whom we interact. We strive to encourage the highest achievement for all our stakeholders, nurturing progression and adding value in all our areas of operation. At the heart of our value system is a commitment to:                       
 • A safe and rewarding environment for our students and staff. We recognise the investment our students make in their time with us and we will seek to deliver an exceptional experience by making students our priority We will invest in our staff and reward excellence to ensure our students continue to receive training and support from a highly professional and dynamic team.   • An ethical approach. We are committed to delivering a curriculum that is fit for purpose, of quality and sound financial value; maintaining a safe environment in which to learn and to relax. We will take care in selecting partners with a synergy of vision and a shared passion for developing the environment and our aspirations to make a positive difference to the world around us.
• An inclusive and welcoming community. As a small specialist provider with clarity of vision and common threads of interest within our diverse curriculum, we will nurture a culture of mutual support and respect, where stakeholders feel welcomed and empowered to gain from their experience with us, as students, as staff, as visitors and as business partners.       • A culture of quality delivery and performance. We will present our learners at all levels of education with opportunities to excel by focusing on offering and delivering inspiring teaching and learning. In so doing, we will enable our students to maximise their potential in our creative, supportive and inspirational learning environment.


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