Our Learners on all full-time courses have always been fortunate to have the services of The Italia Conti Agency, and they represent all those who wish to be considered for professional work should the opportunity arise and providing it is complimentary to their training.

The Agency has always had fantastic links with industry professionals and has secured for past and present students and theatre arts course children, leading and principal roles in major theatre, film and television productions.

Throughout their training full-time Learners are given career advice and guidance. Final year students are particularly helped and promoted with the view to finding work placements.

The Agency books are also opened periodically to Learners at Italia Conti’s numerous Associate Schools.


The Academy has close links with SCA Management and will often arrange introductions for graduates particularly during the final year of training.

This company handles a very select number of clients and will consider representing students who have proved themselves while at the Academy or who have been recommended.